If you have previously been issued a scannable access card – do not discard these cards, they cost $25 to replace!!

Please follow the links below to apply for a new resident access card (formerly known as pool passes).

2020 Little Rocky Run Resident Access Card Application

Important reminders about these passes:

  • Little Rocky Run residents must complete the application.
  • Send labeled digital pictures (Example: John Doe Picture) for these passes to inspector@littlerockyrunhoa.org
  • Proof of residency must be shown for all adults (18 and older) who are not LRR homeowners, including adult children of a homeowner.
  • Ensure that you are current and up to date on your HOA Assessments, as cards will not be issued until your account is current.
    • A current copy of your lease must be provided to obtain a 2020 Resident Access Card or to have your card reactivated
    • Every adult member listed on the lease MUST be able to provide proof of residency
  • If you were issued a scannable access card from 2015 – 2019, you do not need to renew these cards
  • If you have any questions, please contact the HOA Office, 703-830-0411 or email inspector@littlerockyrunhoa.org
  • Pool Rules