Pool Committee Leadership:

Chair: pools@littlerockyrunhoa.org
Vice-chair: Vacant
Secretary: Vacant
BoT Liaison: vicepresident@littlerockyrunhoa.org
Communications Director Pat Rouleau communications@littlerockyrunhoa.org

Pool Committee Description:

The Pool Committee is seeking volunteers from the LRR HOA.

The Pool Committee monitors all 3 of the LRR pools. The focus is pool passes, resident attendance, pool rules, pool maintenance and pool contract review.

The Pool Committee meets the 2nd Wednesday monthly in tandem with the Tennis and CAA Committee.

The Pool Committee works under the guidance of and answers to the Board of Trustees (BoT) and Community Manager.

Monthly Meetings:

Volunteer Information:

LRR HOA is always seeking Board and Committee volunteers.  If you have a little extra time and are interested in serving your community, please contact the HOA Office at communications@littlerockyrunhoa.org or (703) 830-0411 for further information.