Little Rocky Run Rules of the Court
Tennis Court Usage Guidelines

The Little Rocky Run (LRR) tennis courts are for the use and enjoyment of LRR residents only. Seven community courts may be reserved for use in advance. Generally the tennis courts are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The LRR Tennis Committee is chartered by the LRR Board of Trustees to assist the Home Owners Association (HOA) with respect to tennis activities in LRR.

Tennis court users must be residents who are current members of the Association, non-resident guests playing with Association members and Association approved instructors.

One-time key Fee of $10.00 per key required. The tennis key fee will be charged at the time of the initial application. After the initial application, this fee will be applied only when a replacement for the lost or stolen key is requested.

A. Junior: Junior players are those 16 years of age and younger.
B. Senior: Senior players are those 17 years of age and older.
C. Guest: Guest players may use the tennis courts only when a valid LRR tennis key holder is present. Guest players are restricted to the court on which the member is playing.
D. LRR Tennis Committee: The Tennis Committee is an association chartered by the LRR HOA to assist the HOA with respect to activities in LRR. The Tennis Committee has been granted the use of various courts for practices, matches and tournaments. Those times will be posted at each of the courts being used by the Tennis Committee for those activities.
E. Tennis Instruction: Tennis instructors, also known as tennis pros, who have entered into a mutual agreement with the LRR HOA, will be allotted certain blocks of times for teaching tennis lessons to community members. Individual tennis pros must be contacted directly for information regarding tennis instruction. If you are asked to leave the courts or to wait longer periods than discussed in the tennis rules, by anyone, you are encouraged to contact the HOA office at (703) 830-0411.

The basis for the rules that follow are:
CONSIDERATION – for other players.
COURTESY – towards all.
CONCERN – for our courts and equipment.
A. Member Players (Key holders): Players must carry a tennis key at all times in the court area as designated.
B. Guests: A LRR tennis member may extend the use of the courts to no more than three (3) guests at one time. The member must be present on the same court when such guests are playing tennis.
C. Junior Players: Junior players and their guests may use the courts at any time, but on request, are required to cease playing and surrender the court to Senior players after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays, year-round. Junior players may play tennis with Senior players at any time.
D. Time Limit: Players using the courts while others are waiting are limited to one hour for singles play, and 2 hours for doubles play. The next player(s) waiting will be determined by respective time of arrival at the unreserved courts.
E. Practice: An individual member may not use a court when two eligible players are waiting to play: however, an individual member may use an unoccupied court for practice while reserving a court for the next period.
F. Attire: Proper tennis shoes are required (no cleats or black-soled shoes or any soles that will leave marks or destroy the court surface).
G. Decorum: Non-players must stay out of the court areas at all times. Loud talking or shouting, hitting balls against the fence, music playing or any other practice that can be    considered annoying to players are prohibited. Parents are strictly responsible for the conduct of their children. No pets, food, alcoholic beverages (Except as allowed at Tennis Committee events), baby carriages, play-pens or glass containers are allowed on the courts at any time.
H. Cleanliness: Brooms and squeegees are available and stored in the court area. These items should be kept in the area where they are normally stored in when not in use.

I. Reservations:
1. COURT A can be reserved up to one hour in advance on a first-come, first-serve basis. The court is reserved by placing one player’s name on the court reservation board.
2. COURT B/C can be reserved up to 24 hours in advance. This court can also be reserved by entering a name on the reservation board. When no reservations are made for Court B/C, the procedure cited for COURT A applies to COURT B/C.
3. Members that wish to use the rebound board on COURT C of the Springstone Drive tennis courts for individual practice sessions may reserve the court for up to one hour. This is the only court that may be reserved for single member practice.
4. Members reserving a court must be present when normal court change is made on the hour. If the members are absent more than 10 minutes, the reservation is forfeited and the court is then available to the next waiting member.
5. Members may not reserve a court while playing (but may continue to play past the hour if no one else reserves the court).
6. Two new players must be available to take a reserved court for singles; four new players for doubles play.
7. Junior members (16 years or younger) may not reserve a court during adult priority times but may play if courts are free.
8. The Association has the authority to reserve the courts for lessons or tournaments. Advance notice shall be posted.
9. Group reservations may be made by any resident of a recognized group within the LRR community, provided that at least one person (group member) holds a current tennis membership.
*Group reservations may be subject to availability. The reservation maximum time limit shall be no more than four (4) hours.
*A group reservation request must come from a valid tennis member and identify the organization making the request. Group reservations must be made at the HOA office one week prior to the event to allow for planning.

J. Hours of Operation:
Little Rocky Run Circle & Sunset Ridge Road/Water Pond Court (2 Courts), next to Recreation Center #1 will be open for play from 7AM until 10pm, Sunday through Thursday and until 11pm, Friday and Saturday.
Springstone Drive (3 Courts), next to Union Mill Elementary school and close to Recreation Center #2 will be open for play from 7AM until dusk.
Stonefield Drive (2 Courts), next to Recreation Center #3 will be open for play from 7AM until dusk.

K. Enforcement:
Any violations of tennis court rules may result in the denial of access and/or tennis privileges by action of the BOT. Violations of the rules must be reported to the HOA office, 6201 Sandstone Way, Clifton, VA 20124. (703) 830-0411;

L. Questions and Comments:
If residents feel at any time the courts are not being maintained or operated in the best interest of the LRR community, please contact the HOA office (703) 830-0411;

M. Suggestions:
If residents would like to recommend improvements for any of the tennis courts, they may email the LRR tennis committee;

**Trash receptacles are located next to the court entrances. All unwanted containers should be deposited into these receptacles.
**Adjustment of the net will be the responsibility of the Tennis Committee, the HOA staff and others designated by the Board of Trustees.
**The following activities are prohibited on all LRR tennis courts: skateboarding, roller-skating, street hockey, bicycling, rollerblading and any other non-tennis activities.