Security Deposit
A refundable security deposit* of $250.00 is due from all recreation center users. Security deposits are refunded to resident, in check form, approximately 3 weeks after the return of the facility key and recreation center check list.

Inspection Fee
A non-refundable inspection fee of $50.00 is due from all recreation center users.

Rental Fees
Monday through Thursday – $30/hr
Friday before 6 p.m. – $30/hr   (2 hour minimum)
Weekend day before 6 p.m. – $45/hr    (2 hour minimum)
Friday, Saturday and Sunday after 6 p.m. – $45/hr  (3 hour minimum)
Inspection fee – $50 per use
Security Deposit – $250 per rental

*A full refund of a security deposit depends on the manner in which the rented recreation center was left. Should additional cleaning be in order, including the removal of balloons from the ceiling fan, or damages noted during the post-event inspection, all or some of the security deposit may not be returned.

*There is no extension of contracted use time for set-up or clean-up. All users must arrive at agreed stated time and must leave the recreation enter at their designated time and must be out of the parking lot no later than 15 minutes after end of the event.

*It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that the facility is left clean and that all personal belongings are removed. Failure to comply may result in forfeiture of the security deposit.