How to Make a Reservation

Step 1: Call or email the HOA Office at (703)830-0411, or email  
Your reservation can be held for up to ONE WEEK in a pending status.   Pending status means that you have not secured the reservation with the proper payment and a signed rental agreement. After a week, your pending reservation may be forfeited if another user calls for the same reservation date/time/location.

Step 2:
Return your completed Rental Agreement Contract, security deposit and appropriate rental fees to the HOA Office within one week of the day the reservation was held.
You may pick-up a Rental Agreement Packet, or you may choose to print the 
Rental Agreement and send to the HOA office.

Step 3: Follow the instructions in your rental agreement packet!
Please read the Recreation Center Guidelines for information about Recreation Center rules, policy and procedures. 
Rec Center Policy and procedures

It’s important that you remember to:

1) Pick up the key! Usually business day before your event. Office hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm. There is a $50 charge if you forget to pick up your key and must call the emergency number for access to the building.

2) Check the recreation center before and after your event. The recreation center should be left clean and ready for the next party. A checklist is provided in your packet or you may print the recreation center checklist.

3) Return the recreation center key and the completed checklist after your event. Security deposits will be held if the key is not returned.