How To File An Application for An Exterior Alteration

When is an application needed?

An application is needed whenever a proposed alteration to the exterior of the property or home will change the way the property or home looks. Exceptions to this guideline are any alterations where “Authorized Alteration” is indicated.

Application Requirements:

Applications are available online and at the HOA Office. Since most applications require samples to be attached, applications cannot be submitted on-line at this time. You may request to set up an appointment to go over your application with the ARB Manager by email or by calling 703-830-0411.

Correctly filed application means and refers to an Exterior Alteration Application that is provided by the Association and completed by the property owner that contains the following information, as applicable:

1. Complete name and address of the homeowner.
2. Property address, lot number and section number.
3. Phone number(s) of the property owner.
4. A written description of the proposed alteration to include information about color, style, location, sizes and materials to be used.
5. Sketches, scale drawings, photos, catalog illustrations, architectural plans as necessary to completely describe the proposed alteration.
6. For paint color changes, a name of the color and a sample color palate from the manufacturer. In some cases, a larger sample (12″ square) of each proposed color may be required to aid in the approval process.
7. A copy of the plat for the lot indicating the proposed location of the alteration.
8. Estimated start and completion dates of the project.
9. Signature of four lot owners who are affected by the proposed alteration or whose property is adjacent. In the event of no affected or adjacent property owners, the signature of other residents may be provided.
10. Signature of all owners of the lot for which the application is being submitted.
11. Consideration will be given to the size, proportion, and scale of the proposed alteration. Detailed information must be provided to include: height, width, and length of the proposed alteration, size of the area where alteration will be located, and dimensions of house and lot.

The applicant must also indicate the proportional dimensions of the proposed alteration as it relates to the original design of the structure and/or property. SCALE DRAWINGS, WHEN USED TO FULFILL THIS REQUIREMENT, SHOULD USE NO LESS THAN ¼ INCH EQUALS 1 FOOT FOR THE PROPOSED alteration.