Request for Review by Board of Trustees

Property owners will be notified in writing within 10 business days of the Architectural Review Board decision regarding an Exterior Alteration Application. If the application is disapproved, the applicant is advised of his/her Right of Appeal to the Little Rocky Run Board of Trustees. To initiate the appeal process, the applicant must take the following action.

Within 10 working days of receiving the Architectural Review Board Decision of Disapproval – Applicant must submit a written request for an “Appeal Before the LRR Board of Trustees” to the ARB Administrator. The request must indicate whether:

A) Proper procedures were not followed during the administration and review process,
B) The applicant was not given a fair hearing, or
C) The Architectural Review Board decision was arbitrary had no rational basis.

Appeal Hearing

Upon receipt of a request for an “Appeal Before the LRR Board of Trustees”, an Appeal Hearing will be scheduled. At the hearing, the President of Little Rocky Run Homeowners Association will read the hearing rules according to the Virginia Property Owners Association Act and outline the procedures and time constraints.

Each Appeal Hearing is scheduled for a maximum of 20 minutes, exclusive of questions from the Board of Trustees.

1. Presentation by the Architectural Review Board on the decision of disapproval – 5 minutes.
2. Presentation by the Applicant – 5 minutes.

The applicant is entitled to be represented by their own legal counsel. If the applicant will be represented by legal counsel, the applicant is required to notify the LRR ARB Administrator and Community Manager no later than 3 business days before the scheduled Appeal Hearing. Advance notice is required to permit LRR Homeowners Association legal counsel to be present.

3. Rebuttal by Architectural Review Board – 5 minutes.
4. Rebuttal by applicant – 5 minutes.
5. Questions from Board of Trustees.

At the conclusion of the hearing, the Board of Trustees will continue with the Open Session of the regularly scheduled meeting. At the end of Open Session, the President will convene the Board of Trustees in Executive Session to discuss the hearing. After Executive Session, the Board of Trustees will again convene in Open Session to vote on the hearing. Each applicant is welcome to wait for the decision, however, the process could last several hours. The Applicant will be notified in writing of the Board of Trustees decision within 3 business days.