EVERYONE knows that the ADS service is absolutely unacceptable. The LRR Board of Trustees conducted a Special Meeting on Friday, April 12 to address the issue. Legal counsel has been engaged. Specific details regarding the contract are not made public due to the possibility of compromising negotiations. All alternatives are on the table. The Board is working hard to make the best decision for the Little Rocky Run Community.

The HOA office is responding to the ADS notifications as quickly as possible. ADS WILL NOT provide a schedule until the day of service as they claim to base their decisions on the daily workforce available. Additionally, the ADS boilerplate emails do not always address all of the Little Rocky Run homes impacted. For example, today’s email from ADS addressed the TH pickups but not the rescheduled single-family (SF) trash pickup. We wanted to confirm that SF trash would be picked up today before posting or sending the mass email in an effort to provide correct information and minimize the number of emails sent. We are trying!!

If you have any specific questions or would like to discuss the issue further, please feel free to contact the Community Manager, Terri Slater, directly at 703-830-0411 or manager@littlerockyrunhoa.org.