Below are some updates regarding tennis this summer. Please take a look!

Due to the fact that the NVSL summer swim season has been canceled, we may change our summer junior program offerings to accommodate the new situation.

Possibilities include:
1. Leaving the schedule unchanged, as the swim team may still hold come in-house programs.

2. Changing the schedule to accommodate participation in both tennis as well as a new swim program, but keeping the 45-minute and 1-hour class structures

3. Canceling the 45 minute and one-hour classes and offering a morning camp (likely 3 hours) in their place.

*We assure everyone that we will work our hardest to continue to allow participation in both the swim and the tennis programs.*

We also ask that everyone please keep your eyes out for guidelines on our new socially distant class structure. We will be posting about it in the near future. For now, please be assured that classes will feature 6.5 feet of distance and no touching of any common materials or other people.

Due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, we understand that we may not be able to hold programs at all, or we may have to change our offerings to ones that may not work for everyone. In light of this, our cancellation policy for the foreseeable future is as follows:

  • All classes will be fully refunded in the event that we must cancel due to factors related to the pandemic
  • Classes will be refunded to participants who sign up, but later decide that they do not feel safe coming to a class that is still being held
  • Classes will be refunded in the event that we must change the schedule and a participant can not participate in the rescheduled program
  • All other cancelation policies (such as weather-related) remain unchanged and can be found on our website

LASTLY, we would like to thank you all for your continued interest in the new tennis program. We are really looking forward to safely providing a great experience to Little Rocky Run residents.