At the Board of Trustees meeting on July 16, the Little Rocky Run Board of Trustees approved opening a second swimming pool based upon the successful opening of Pool #2 within the constrictions that exist due to COVID-19. The goal is to open Pool #1 by July 27, pending any delays as a result of orders from the Governor or Fairfax County, staffing issues from Titan Pools or any other issues that may delay the opening.  All supplemental rules and regulations that are in force for Pool #2 to comply with health requirements and assist with operations will also be enforced for Pool #1 with a maximum capacity of 35.  Please visit here for a copy of these supplemental pool rules. A picture of the layout at Pool #1 will be uploaded later on.

We want to issue a huge thank you to our lifeguards for keeping us safe and to our residents who have cooperated and complied with the new swimming pool protocol. Your continued patience and support are sincerely appreciated as we navigate through these uncertain times together.