Yard Waste Update – May 3

Good News: Little Rocky Run has just been notified that yard waste WILL be picked up tomorrow, May 4.

Possibly Even Better News!!!: HOWEVER, yard waste will be collected on Wednesdays going forward!!!

(if we receive any other updates, we will inform you as soon as we receive information)

Garbage Update – May 3

Good Morning – We just received notification from ADS that the townhome trash pick-up scheduled for today, Friday, May 3, will not occur until Tuesday, May 7. We hoped that ADS would make it through the week without a single delay. Unfortunately, that is not the case.


Due to circumstances beyond our control stemming from a field staffing shortage, the scheduled TRASH collection for today, FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2019 will not be performed. Trash services will resume on TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2019. Please be assured any overflow that may have accumulated will be collected upon our return.
We sincerely apologize for any convenience.

Additionally, we’d like to thank everyone who attended the Board of Trustees meeting last night. There was a productive discussion about the Little Rocky Run contract with American Disposal Services (ADS), their service failures, potential resolutions and associated costs and the plan for moving forward.

A special thank you to Pat Herrity, Springfield District Supervisor, for summarizing the county-wide disarray created by ADS as well as describing efforts to compel ADS to adhere to business/legal requirements to provide trash service.

The Board will continue to coordinate with the county and pursue legal/contractual remedies with ADS to return to consistent trash/recycling/yard debris pick-up.

We will continue to keep everyone informed. Thank you for your patience.

P.S. what do we say to the god of ~trash~?



LRR Townhome Annual Street Sweeping (Blowing) Notice

LRR Townhome Update:

Virginia Striping will be blowing LRR Townhome streets from Monday, May 6 through Friday, May 17. (Specific dates of service will vary based on the progress made each day)

We will update this list daily as the project progresses.

This will be done by backpack blowers and is a PHASED PROJECT that is weather-dependent.

NO CARS should be parked in the parking spaces between 8:30 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. Once your street is complete, regular daytime parking will resume.

NOTICE: All work is dependent on weather conditions and the amount of progress made each day.

Contact the HOA Office for more information.

  • Phone Number: 703-830-0411
  • Email: manager@littlerockyrunhoa.org

Phase 1 (Will begin 5/6, Weather Permitting):

  • Giant Oak Court
  • Meadow Crest Court
  • Deer Hill Court
  • Sunset Ridge Court
  • Rabbit Hill Court
  • Chestnut Hollow Court
  • Water Pond Court
  • Clay Spur Court
  • Rockton Court
  • Waterflow Place
  • Waterflow Court
  • Woods Run Court
  • Rock Landing Court
  • Westwater Court
  • Wakley Court
  • Wild Brook Court
  • Rockdale Court

Phase 2 (Will Begin NO EARLIER than 5/7, Weather Permitting)

  • Rock Forest Court
  • Waterdale Court
  • Forest Pond Court
  • Clarendon Springs Court
  • Clarendon Springs Place
  • Barren Springs Court
  • Water Springs Court
  • Spruce Run Court

Phase 3 (Will begin NO EARLIER than 5/8, Weather Permitting)

  • Sequoia Lea Drive (LRR)
  • Little Brook Drive
  • Sierra Drive
  • Little Brook Court
  • Wildflower Lane
  • Jasper Lane                 

Street Sweeping Notice

Trash Letter and FAQ

Little Rocky Run – American Disposal Update

ADS has confirmed that yard debris will be picked up on Wednesday, May 1.  They provided no explanation for missing pick-up on Saturday.

In an effort to provide an explanation and answer frequently asked questions about the trash situation in Little Rocky Run, the HOA team and Board of Trustees are providing residents with the following documents.

ADS Frequently Asked Questions

HOA Team and Board of Trustees Letter

The scheduled Board of Trustees Meeting on Thursday, May 2 at 7 PM in Recreation Center #2 will address the trash problem.  As always, residents are invited to attend.

Board of Trustees Message – April 25

Dear Little Rocky Run Residents,

The Board of Trustees meeting on Thursday, May 2 at 7 P.M. in Rec Center #2 will serve as an opportunity to provide information on the trash situation.

The purpose of the meeting will be to provide:

  • A detailed explanation of the current waste disposal contract
  • Explanation of legal counsel’s involvement to the extent that information can legally be disclosed in open session.  Please understand that there are limitations on what is able to be discussed.
  • Potential new vendor contracts
  • Information regarding communication channels within LRR
  • A platform for resident input and discussion about the health and safety concerns surrounding extended waste exposure

Please know that all options are on the table to find a resolution. Thank you for your patience.

Jim Zook – Little Rocky Run Homeowners Association, President