The Little Rocky Run Homeowners Association, Board of Trustees recently negotiated a new contract to replace the aging cluster mailboxes within the Townhome sections of the community.  The old mailbox clusters have reached the end of their useful life and in many cases, do not provide the option for mail drop off or package pickup.  The new cluster mailboxes will provide this option to all residents of Little Rocky Run as well as add curb cuts or extended sidewalks for eased access to the clustered mailboxes.

The project has experienced a delay in final roll out because the Post Office did not anticipate how long it would take their personnel to number 1069 cluster mailboxes.  We maintain weekly contact with the Post Office to ensure this project gets completed in a timely manner.  I ask you to be patient as the transition to new mailbox clusters occurs over the coming months.  The old mailbox clusters will remain onsite until the new mailboxes are completed.  Once the mailbox cluster installation is completed on a street, the Post Master will inspect and approve the installation, and notification will be sent to each homeowner with instructions on how to receive a key for your new cluster mailbox.

If you have any further questions on the project, please feel free to contact the HOA Office at (703) 830-0411.