Special Board of Trustees Meeting

One more day until a Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees to discuss an update on the status of our trash service.

This meeting will take place inside Rec Center 2 at 6:30 p.m.

Street Blowing Update – May 9

Townhome Streets WILL NOT be worked on TODAY, May 9.

Work will resume on Monday, May 13. (weather permitting).

The streets that will be worked on include:

Sequoia Lea Drive (LRR)

Little Brook Drive

Sierra Drive

Little Brook Court

Wildflower Lane

Jasper Lane.

Phase 3 Street Blowing Notice 2019

Street Blowing Update – May 8

Phase Two of the townhome street blowing is underway!!

The streets that will be worked on today:
  • Rock Forest Court
  • Waterdale Court
  • Forest Pond Court
  • Clarendon Springs Court
  • Clarendon Springs Place
  • Barren Springs Court
  • Water Springs Court
  • Spruce Run Court

The HOA Team will update you if anything changes.

Yard Waste Update – May 7

The HOA Team has just received notice from ADS that trash and recycling is being picked up in the townhomes today, May 7, 2019.

We also confirmed that yard waste WILL BE picked up tomorrow, May 8!!

Townhome Street Blowing Update – May 6

Giant Oak Court, Meadow Crest Court, Sunset Ridge Court, Rabbit Hill Court, Deer Hall Court, Chestnut Hollow Court and Clay Spur Court experienced street blowing today, May 6.

The streets in Phase One that will be worked on tomorrow (May 7) include Rockton Court, Waterflow Place, Waterflow Court, Woods Run Court, Rock Landing Court, Westwater Court, Wakley Court, Wild Brook Court, Rockdale Court.

Phase Two IS Scheduled to start tomorrow, which includes: Rock Forest Court, Waterdale Court, Forest Pond Court, Clarendon Springs Court, Clarendon Springs Place, Barren Springs Court, Water Springs Court, Spruce Run Court.

Phase Three includes Sequoia Lea Drive, Little Brook Drive, Sierra Drive, Little Brook Court, Wildflower Lane and Jasper Lane.